OpenCCT: OpenID Connect SSO authentication client Java library - Page 2
OpenCCT integration with the target application

The conventional way to integrate OpenCCT with the target application is to insert a dependency on the construction of this application. This insertion varies according to the tool used. For Maven, as an example which should be adapted for other tools, just add the «pom.xml»'s dependency:


This insertion assumes that Maven has access to a repository that contains the OpenCCT binary package at build time. Otherwise, the construction fails. Two possibilities exist to ensure this access. Either retrieve the OpenCCT sources, build it and install it in the local Maven repository. Or, reference in the «pom.xml» file of the target application the repository that contains this binary as follows:

  <name> Repository</name>

Registering the target application within the authentication server

The authentication server used must provide a feature for registering client applications. This feature is available primarily through an API or through an interface that allows registration. As an example Google provides a registration console (access requires authentication with a Google account) that allows you to perform this operation. The screen shot below shows an example window of this console where the settings of a registered test client application appear.

Google registration console