OpenCCT: OpenID Connect SSO authentication client Java library - Page 1
Where to use OpenCCT

OpenCCT is intended for use by applications developed for the Apache TomEE application server. Although tested only with this application server, this component should work without any problem with any Java / JEE web-based application run by a JEE 7 compatible application server. The version of Java required for execution is at least version 1.8.

The users to authenticate for the target application must be managed by an OppenID Connect compliant authentication server. This server can be internal to an organization or on the Internet:

As examples, provide this service for users who have chosen to create accounts from them. However, since the user account information of these service providers is not verified, their possible use for a real application must take this into account.

How to use OpenCCT

The use of OpenCCT in a target application requires three conditions:

  1. The binary file of the component must be integrated into the application.
  2. The application must be registered with the authentication server as needed by the protocol.
  3. The required settings in the application's «web.xml» file must be done correctly.

Being target application is a JEE web-based, the first requirement is the need to incorporate the OpenCCT binary package, opencct-x.x.x.jar, into a folder that is part of the classpath. The usual location for this is the application's «WEB-INF/lib» folder.

The second condition stems from the need for secure communication between OpenCCT and the authentication server. This requires prior knowledge of communication points from the server. For the security of this communication the exchanges must be authenticated, generally by means of an identifier and a password. Registration allows you to exchange these settings.

Finally, to use the access parameters to the authentication server, it is necessary to provide them via the standard file «web.xml» of the application.