Artemis container
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The container composition

artemis container

The Artemis container has the following components exposed to host:

  • A data volume that contains stored messages
  • A log volume that contains log files
  • A TCP port: 61616 that allow data communication over SSL/TLS. Data may be exchanged with multiple protocols: Artemis native Core, AMQP, OpenWire, STOMP, MQTT and JMS.
  • An UDP port: 9876 that allow service discovery feature with multicast protocol over IP adress.
  • Seven environment variables that allows to perform easy, flexible and secure deployment, including configuration updates:
Varibale Content value Type Purpose
MAIN_CONFIG_TMPL Artemis main configuration file template with tags to replace XML file Build of final broker.xml, the Artemis main configuration file
USERS_FILE Authorized users credentials list Properties file format Provides authorized users client list
ROLES_FILE Authorized users - roles mapping Properties file format Provides roles based security policy in conjunction with roles defined in main configuration file
KEYSTORE_FILE Server certificate keystore file PKCS12 or JKS file Ciphering and securing data flow
TRUSTSTORE_FILE Server trusted certificates keystore file PKCS12 or JKS file Securing clients connections
KEYSTORE_FILE_INT Server to server connection certificate keystore file PKCS12 or JKS file Securing server to server communication
CONTAINER_CONFIG Container configuration Properties file format Artemis container dynamic configuration. See configuration section for further details.