pqMessenger: Communication tool for pqChecker - Page 1

pqMessenger operate between pqChecker and a Java application. The application must act as a JMS server to which pqMessenger connects. It ensures communication between pqChecker and this application that can manage the settings of password content and their broadcast.

Deployment and test

pqMessenger requires prior installation Java JRE 1.8 or above on the system. The single JAR file pqmessenger-xxxx.jar contains the entire application. Deployment must be done on the same server as pqChecker. Launch parameters and two configuration files are required for the correct operation of the application. The pqmessenger.boot boot script and ready-to-use templates of configuration files are provided in the Git repository sources. All of these files are in the folder sys-resources/.

Installation from binary packages installs these mandatory files and well sets them. The source distribution includes an installation script that performs this task on the target system.

When pqMessenger starts, it tries to connect to the JMS service using settings in the configuration file pqmessenger-config.properties: host and port parameters. If the connection fails, it waits for a configurable time and tries to connect again. The retry time is set in the boot script or (priority setting) in the setting file.


If JMS server is running, connection success and pqMessenger continues running normally. It is able to adapt its behavior according to the availability of the JMS server.