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Summary & Introduction

  1. Introduction
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The plug-in of OpenLDAP directory server pqChecker,allows to control the passwords content robustness. It allows, also, to read / change the parameters of its operation, as well as the possibility of broadcasting new passwords through a Java compliant API.

The pqMessenger application is a middleware that use the programming interface of pqChecker and ensures a communication with a JMS compliant server. This JMS server application must provide functions for reading and modifying password strength settings. Also, It may provide a feature for broadcasting modified passwords.

To ensure the security of the exchanged data, especially the password, this communication is performed over SSL/TLS.

Operating environment
OpenLDAP password policy pwdCheckQuality

pqMessenger allows the password setup application to read and change password strength settings. This application must act as a JMS server. This operating mechanism makes it possible to manage these settings without any particular system constraint (need for intervention of a system administrator).

It also allows, if this feature is enabled in pqChecker, to real-time broadcast the new values of modified passwords.


pqMessenger is a free and opensource software. It is licensed under the GNU GPL v3+ license.

Latest stable version: 2.0.0