OpenLDAP password policy pwdCheckModule - Page 5
How get it

There are Debian & RPM packages of pqChecker, to download from the download section.

The source code is available to anonymous download on Github website.

git clone https://github.com/ameddeb/pqchecker.git

How to install from binary packages

This is available for Debian/Ubuntu & Redhat/CentOS and compliants systems.

The installation procedure is done through the dpkg or rpm utility. The downloaded archive contains the .deb or .rpm package, required for installation. It contains also a README text file that contains the instructions to complete this procedure. Especially:

sudo dpkg -i pqcheckerxxxxxxx.deb
sudo rpm -iv pqcheckerxxxxxxx.rpm # Install pqChecker

sudo dpkg -r pqchecker
sudo rpm -ev pqchecker # Uninstall it

How to install from source code

Available for POSIX system, but only for native binary pqchecker.so.

The tools of software's build must be installed first: gcc, make .. Obtain the source archive of the target version, or get them from the git source repository.

git tag # lists all the available stable releases

git checkout v1.1.0 # provides the sources of this stable version

The INSTALL file contains all the instructions to complete this operation. Especially:

./configure xxxx xxxx xxxx # prepares the build of pqChecker in compliance with the target system

make install # allows pqChecker installation

make uninstall # allows its uninstallation