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pqMessenger deployment and test

pqMessenger requires prior installation Apache jsvc and Java JRE on the system. The single jar file pqmessenger-xxxx.jar must be installed in a dedicated folder to be specified in the launch script. Other parameters, such as the location of pqchecker.so or the configuration file must be set at launch time. The launch script pqmessenger.boot and the configuration file that contains the command line parameters pqmessenger.params are supplied in the sources from the Git repository (pqchecker/pqmessenger/sys-resources/).

When pqMessenger starts, it try to connect to the JMS service hosted on TomEE AS using settings in configuration file config.xml: Server element, Host and Port parameters. If the connection fails, it waits for a configurable time and tries to connect again. The retry time is set at launch (pqmessenger.params file).


If JMS server is running, connection success and pqMessenger continues running normally. It is able to adapt its behavior according to the availability of the JMS server.