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The multiplication tables
at school.

Memorizing the multiplication tables is an integral part of official curriculum in several countries. This is at the level of elementary education and at the age of 9 years, the child must know these tables that are 8 in number if we put aside the table of 1 for it's trivial aspect. This knowledge is an important aspect for further learning of mathematics.

Three facets of Use.

A tool of (self) control
of knowledge.

A formative evaluation tool.

A tool to overcome the difficulties encountered on specific tables.

The computer application multipCoach aims to help the teaching of this aspect of elementary mathematics. It was designed to be used in three ways.

The launch of a new exercise, multipCoach selects randomly, and without presenting duplicate, 20 simple multiplication operations. A time count is started and the learner begins to give the results of operations. When all the results are given or that the exercise is stopped voluntarily, the time count is stopped and a note and the correct results are given by the application.

The application allows, after a significant number of exercises performed, identify the tables that present difficulties for the learner. The difficulties are characterized by the mistakes or the importance of time to respond.

multipCoach can be configured so that it presents, as a priority and more often, tables for which the student has difficulty. It can also weight the score for a correct answer based on the same criteria. These two modes of operation can help overcoming the difficulties that learners encounter.

Currently, this application is available as a prototype in native binary for Windows™. This prototype will serve as a starting point for a usable version online without any installation. It is available in the download page.

The construction of multipCoach available online is the main topic here. You can thus follow the progress of this construction by trying it on as often as Google Apps. Initially, only the access interface can be used. Note the two types of potential users: the learner and the tutor. You can better track the progress of this content using the RSS or on twitter from the home page of this web site. You will be informed in real time of any significant update of this content.