mdMsgbroker - Page 2
Starting and Configuring

mdMsgbroker is part of the mDirectory system core. As such it is part of the mdCore package. It is initialized and activated at start time of this starter module.

It is configured by the JMSChannels section of mdCore configuration file. This configuration consists in the development of the parameter of use of external messages channels:

  • Host, determines the scope of the listening, local to the server (default) or over network.
  • Listening port (default 61616).
  • Login and connection password (default no).

The absence of this setting in the configuration section of mdCore module entails the use of default settings. This absence will be visible in the startup logs:


  • The error line that indicates the absence of the JMSChannels configuration section.
  • The first warning concerning the use of default settings.
  • The second warning concerning low level of security, ie the absence of login ID and password allowing so-called anonymous connections.
The mdMsgbroker module is included in the deployment package «mdcore.war» which is available in the download section.