mdMsgbroker - Page 1
Module built around a component

At design of this module, features have emerged as may be encapsulated in a reusable software component. These are the features of dynamic interaction with the JMS API. These are mainly the functions for creating and managing communication channels, dynamic configuration and management of sending and reception of messages. This gave birth to the software component Bee. (Bus of electonic exchange). Although this is a source of a slight increase in workload in the short term, this approach will provide a component who:

  • Encapsulates and hides complex JMS API calls.
  • Provides reusable services by decontextualizing of the current target (mDirectory)
  • Will follow his own evolution regardless of the current target and can be used for other developments unamended.


mdMsbroker initializes the communication channels at startup and then replies to the requests of the user interface. The user interface allows to view the operating status and initiate communication tests.