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The mdMsgbroker module (Merged directory messages broker) is an intermediate message transport between the different modules of mDirectory system. It is based on JMS to provide the functionality of a bus that allows two-way «conversation» between the different parts of the system. It includes various Topic and Queue message transport, required for operation. It provides subscription services, listening and reception of messages.

Operating Environment and constitution

We identify four data transmission channels:

NbrConnectionsDirection Transmitted content
1Data connection → Management, diffusionUnidirectional Collected data
2Data management → diffusionUnidirectional Statutes of data and their change: incoherent, new, modified, deactivated, reactivated, abandoned
3Administration ↔ pqCheckerBidirectional Parameters of password quality
4Diffusion HTTP → Diffusion HTTPUnidirectional Informations on data to diffusing by web services.

Channels 1 and 3 manage data streams with multiple receivers, which results in an implementation in the type Topic of JMS register. Channel 2 and channel 4 manage conversational flow between two actors who work as: request → response. The natural implementation will therefore Queue. On the other hand, only the channel 3 forwards data to outside the system, the other three provide only internal communication. Finally we note that Channel 4 serves as wait queue for broadcasts information on demand by the HTTP streaming module.