mDirectory - Page 4
Progress towards completion

The modular architecture of mDirectory and its constitution by autonomous modules loosely coupled, allows a gradual implementation while providing partial functionality of the system. The following table shows the progress of implementation.

Nr Module Function Dependency Operational Version
1 mdMsgbroker Communication and management of intra-system data flows No 1.0.0 β
2 pqChecker Passwords quality check No 1.2.0
3 pqMessenger Passwords quality settings communication mdMsgbroker, pqChecker 1.2.0
4 mdAdmin Functional administration (web application) mdMsgbroker, pqMessenger, mdData 0.1.3 α
5 mdWeb Data publication (web application) mdMsgbroker, mdData -
6 mdData Data management mdMsgbroker, mdCollect -
7 mdCollect Data collection mdMsgbroker -
8 mdBroadcast Data dissemination mdMsgbroker, mdCollect, mdData -