mDirectory - Page 3
Bidimensional flexible use

mDirectory offers two-dimensional flexibility at use. The first dimension is the availability of the service in accordance with the increase of the operating load (amount of processed data). The second dimension is the variation of the data sources number. This flexibility is available without the need to change the system, apart from the simple configuration. This makes the system usable by both small and large organizations. On the other hand it adapts, by configuration, at the number of data sources which is not directly related to the size of the institution but rather its nature and mode of operation.

The design of data collection module takes into account the variability of the number of data sources in the system. This allows the management of any number of data sources and their modification them by simple configuration. On the other hand, it is possible to implement any instances number of the system running in parallel and share the load of the total volume of data to be processed. This allows to adapt the system to the volume of processed data, so the size of the oraganization.