mDirectory - Page 1
Architecture and composition

mDirectory is composed by loosely coupled modules. Most of them are similar to black box software components. These modules are structured within the overall system according to their functions. Mainly mentioned functions:

  • Data collection
  • Data management: consolidation, structuring and storage
  • Communication and management of intra-system data flows
  • Dissemination and management of data flows outside the system
  • Data publication
  • System administration
Dissemination of information to the outside can be on demand or so events with web services. The data publication module and system administration module are accessible by a web GUI. This makes the mDirectory use by other systems or by human operators, easy and without technical constraints.

The system components


4 main modules, two Web applications and outsourced agents.

  • mdMsgbroker: performs the function of communication and management of intra-system data flows. Based on JMS, it fully supports the routing of data between modules of the system. This also allows a loosely coupling and asynchronous interaction to those modules.
  • mdCollect: the data collection module, allows the monitoring of the target data changes within the data source applications to recover and inject them into the system.