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«mDirectory» is intended for organizations composed by multiple structures with significant management autonomy. Such organizations are, often, in scattered geographical locations and manage their data with different tools and modes of treatment. However, some data which constitute the common basis of whole organization must be centrally managed. Especially, persons and structures of the institution: directory data. This requirement is necessary for reasons of efficiency and security. The merged directory management system «mDirectory» is a solution to this situation, that wants to be light and efficient. It is not a typical computer application, but a complex system composed of several software modules.

Operating environment

  • Data sources: IT management applications or manual entry.
  • Authentication: service for applications and computer systems. Exposes an interface in LDAP protocol and / or other.
  • E-mails: service for e-mail servers. Exposes an interface in LDAP protocol (passive mode) and synchronization of e-mail adress (active mode).
  • Information: provided about various subjects: location, attachment, category .. useful for people, or for other systems, including data sources themselves (feedback): problems with data consistency..