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  1. Introduction
  2. Supervision web interface
  3. Deployment and configuration
Latest version: 0.1.0 α


The mDirectory system core is composed by 4 application modules that provide its main features.

  • Collection data module: mdCollect.
  • Data management module: mdData.
  • Dissemination, management of data flow to outside: mdBroadcast.
  • Communication, management of intra-system data flow: mdMsgbroker.
With the applications mdAmin and mdWeb, it constitute the whole mDirectory system. It must be deplyed on the same application server TomEE with those 2 applications. For more details about the deployment of mdCore, see the section deployment and configuration.

Operating environment

mdCore contains, in its mdcore.war deployment package , mdCore contains, in its mdcore.war deployment package, the four modules that it initializes and launches on startup. For more information on the operation of each of the four modules, it should refer to the section that concerns him.