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This is an XML file whose root is Config and composed of any number of elements Server. Each element represents the configuration of one server.

  <Server id="Server1" type="LDAP">

These elements can be 4 different types and must have an id attribute that uniquely identifies them in the file.

Configuration target Attribute id Attribute type Attribute vendor
RDBMS server Unique,required RDBMS PostgreSQL | Oracle
LDAP directory server Unique,Required LDAP NC
SMTP email server Unique,Required MAIL NC
JMS Cahnnels Unique,Required JMS NC

Structure of the Server element

The elements "Server", may be composed by 5 different simple elements and one compound element. The following table lists these potential composition.

Nr Element Content The types of servers
1 Host Server address All
2 Port Listen port All
3 Login Login id All
4 Password Password login, encrypted by default unless the optional attribute encrypted=false All
5 Sid SID of Database or Base DN of LDAP RDBMS and LDAP
6 Destination Sends email, destination parameters. Compound element. MAIL

Structure of the Destination element

"Destination" elements are composed of a single simple element, and two elements composed by any number of simple elements "Item". These elements "Item", contain the email addresses of destination of the send. The following table lists these potential composition.

NbrElementContentComposition elements
1MailFromSender addressNC
2MailTODestination addresses Simple elements Item: destination email address. Any number, minimum 1.
3MailCCemail copy address, optional Simple elements Item: destination email copy address. Any number.

The sample configuration file, also supplied with the source code, can be the basis for building a custom usable configuration file.