JApptools - Page 1

JApptools is available in two profiles:

  • Library profile: japptools-x.x.x.jar. Useful for the build and execution of the application that uses it.
  • Standalone profile: japptools-x.x.x-stdone.jar. Useful for generating encryption keys and the encryption of passwords to be stored in the configuration file.

Profile library integrated in a Maven project

In the pom.xml file of the target application, insert, adapting the version number:


If you don't build yourself JApptools and install it in the local repository, insert also:

  <name>Meddeb.net Repository</name>

Profile library not integrated in a Maven project

Download the current version of JApptools from the download section. Install the jar file on the target system so that it is accessible:

  • When compiling the application: depends on the tool used.
  • At runtime: classpath launch parameter.
For details on using in the code cf. the "Practical Examples" section and the API documentation.

Standalone profile

Two functions: generating an encryption key and encryption of a password. Adapt the version number if different from 1.0.0.

java -jar japptools-1.0.0-stdone.jar -k 64 // generates a random key of 64 characters

java -jar japptools-1.0.0-stdone.jar -e PasswordToEncrypt // returns "PasswordToEncrypt" word encrypted

For more details on encrypting passwords cf. Passwords encryption section.