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JApptools (Java Applications tools) is a software component ready to use as black box. It provides the following features:

  • Reads an xml configuration file and transfroms its content into a Java object. This file may contain the parameters of multiple servers of different types:
    • Relational databases server - RDBMS
    • LDAP server
    • Email SMTP server
    • JMS communication channels (Topic and Queue).
  • Supports storage of encrypted passwords.
  • Allows email sending in a very simple way. One method call with subject and message body.

Get JApptools

JApptools is free software and open source, it is released under GNU LGPL v3+ (since 1.2.3 version)

You can get the latest version of the binary in the download section.

The source code with its complete history is available in anonymous download at The Bitbucket platform.

git clone https://bitbucket.org/ameddeb/japptools.git