Merged directory «mDirectory»

Merged directory It's a computer system that collects data relevant to a directory service from multiple sources. This data is then processed to provide services that allow:
  • To authenticate people on the computer systems.
  • Updating other computer systems.
  • Disseminate information about those data.
The data sources can be of any number and any kinds. Treatment of the recovered data is completely independently of their sources. This makes mDirectory particularly suitable for organizations with a complex composition: several departments with significant management autonomy.

The implementation of this system involves the technologies:

  • Building software by loosely coupled components.
  • Java/JEE: EJB3, JPA, JMS, Web services
  • LDAP Directories.
  • Relational database systems and SQL language.
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Building software by loosely coupled components

A simple presentation of this paradigm is provided in the dedicated section. Also, all software products of this site are built using this concept of IT. The detailed explanation of the construction of these softwares, therefore, illustrates this concept. It illustrate, also, the object approach which is underlying. The source codes of real applications, all accessible in free and anonymous download, can provide more details for those wishing to study them. Please consult the download section for access to source codes.

We start with movControl, a software component written in Object Pascal language. It provide capability of moving GUI controls of an application when it run. The visual aspect of its action on the GUI widgets and its handling in the visual programming environment (Delphi and Lazarus), simplifies the assimilation of the concept of software component.

Next, multipCoach, an application that can be used to teach multiplication tables (elementary level), and ..